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English Department

The department handles 2 subjects i.e. English Language and Literature in English. The department has 6 teachers – Mrs. Kabiito Resty (HOD), Mr. Bagonza Edward, Mr. Rujumba Saul, Mr. Lhwayibweka Yona, Ms. Kabagambe Lillian, Ms. Gladys Kakara.

The department is tasked with helping students develop and perfect, reading, comprehension and communication skills.

The department has been boosted with the putting up of a new library block constructed by the government of Uganda through the ADB programme.

Also, the department received 2 donations of books, one from the government of Uganda and another from an Old Boy (Mr. Kanji Patel). These books have enhanced the reading skills of the students.

The department is also ICT complaint thanks to the donation of the following equipment by Computer for School Uganda:

  • 1 Dell laptop
  • 2 Desktop computers
  • 1 Projector and its screen
  • A subwoofer music system

The above equipment has helped the teachers to deliver lessons efficiently and in an interesting manner.

As a department, we are in-charge of the following activities in school:

  • Working with the students and teachers to produce the annual school magazine.
  • Organizing students debating competitions at the class, district, regional and national levels. These have been used as platform to develop public speaking skills among the students. A number of students have excelled in these debates even winning trophies at the regional and national levels.
  • Running a writers club which is essential in enhancing students’ writing skills.