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Director of Studies

As Directors of studies, we see a lot of potential in our students, administration and staff in bringing SLECK to greater heights so that we appear among the best 10 best students in the country.

To achieve our goal, the Office has put forward the following programmes

  1. Monitoring lesson attendance by both students and teachers on daily basis
  2. Conducting remedial lessons for upper classes of S3 to S6
  3. Waking up students for morning prep daily
  4. Regular testing of students with 3 sets of exams per term
  5. Inviting Resourceful persons and carrying out departmental seminars for the candidates to prepare them for their final National exams
  6. Conducting weekly Science practical lessons to equip our students with necessary skills for handling practical papers.

We appeal to the students and Staff to embrace the above programmes for the betterment of our school.

We are very grateful to the Old Boys headed by Eng. Turyatunga Emmex for their continued moral support by talking to the students, financial support towards the achievement of the above programmes.

Lastly, we pledge our commitment towards bringing SLECK to a better position than we found it of course with the support of all stakeholders as we      “Strive for Excellence”