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Non academic

Non academic departments include:


  • Estates
  • Welfare (students and staff)
  • Library
  • Games and sports
  • Entertainment
  • Guidance and counselling

Co-Curricular Activities

Games/ Sports

These include Football (Soccer), Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Squash and Athletics

Clubs/ Societies

The following are the active clubs/ societies in the College:

  • YCS
  • Debate
  • Scripture Union
  • Scouts
  • Interact
  • Legion of Mary
  • Young Achievers
  • Wildlife
  • Patriotism


Our form of entertainment includes: TV watching, Music Dance and Drama, Inter-house games/ sports.

School Library

A new 300-seater library built by the government under the ADB Education IV project is stocked with relevant books from supplied by the government and Old Boys. A member of the teaching staff has been appointed to oversee the proper running of the library together with 3 (three) permanent librarians.

Computer Laboratory

This facility has recently been renovated under the ADB Education IV project. It is stocked with 40 computers donated by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). There are two teachers in this department.

Science Laboratories

Physics and Chemistry departments a new laboratory block equipped with apparatus, all supplied by the government under the ADB Education IV project.

The Biology laboratory was also renovated under the same project.


Students are accommodated in 6 (six) dormitories namely; Nkrumah, Nyerere, Kabalega, Lumumba, Mulengwa and Mandela houses.

Other facilities

The college has a sick bay and a full-time nurse to handle minor illnesses, while the serious cases are referred to Virika Mission hospital.


The College has a chapel for Catholics. There are two chaplains i.e. one for the Catholics and another for the Anglicans. Moslem students are guided by a Moslem teacher.


Prefects and School Council leaders are elected by students every second term of the year. The following are the offices they hold:

Prefects UNSA
–      Head Prefect

–      Games and Sports

–      Religious Affairs

–      Safety and Security

–      Health and Uniform

–      Dining Hall

–      Information, Culture and Entertainment

–      Education and Head Monitor

–      Time Manager

–      Six House Captains

NB: All the above posts have an assistant

–      Speaker

–      Deputy Speaker

–      Chairperson

–      Deputy Chairperson

–      General Secretary

–      Ass. General Secretary

–      Secretary for Finance

–      Secretary Inter-school Affairs

–      Secretary School Affairs

–      Secretary Information and Publicity.