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Patriotism is the deep love of one’s country and willingness to defend and sacrifice for it.

It comes from a Greek word ‘patria’ meaning “fatherland” and patriot means lover of the fatherland. Patriotism in the context of Uganda is the love for Uganda and readiness to sacrifice for its well being. It begins with one self and hence an individual is ought to change first by loving one self, then others can follow.

This Ideology was welcomed in all Schools but it has not taken deep root, due to limited                    facilitation    at the grass root.  And some teachers and community see it as a political strategy, which is not the case as earlier discussed.

Many others argue that patriotism should not be taught since it is in born (Natural)

However in his book “The long walk to freedom” The late Nelson Mandela observes that to hate is not natural to people but is taught.

So if hate can be taught it can also be un taught, moreover to love is more natural and be hence promoted.  It is very true in Uganda and world over individuals and the media do promote a hat campaign; it is for this reason that in a bid to maintain National cohesion and responsible citizenship, a deliberate sensitization programme to promote patriotism becomes an imperative.

Preaching to people to remain Godly demonstrates that human beings need to be reminded constantly to remain committed either to God or Country.


Uganda should be loved un reservedly because;

  • It is our country and only home
  • It is our common market that should be preserved by all its citizens.
  • It is our common plate from which we all eat
  • It is our motherland where we are nurtured
  • It has given us a national and international identity that cannot be changed.


–         The Students and teachers should be exposed to their country in a bid to love what they know.

–         You cannot claim to love a person you never seen, therefore most of our people in this Uganda don’t know their country, the reason why they don’t love it and always yarn to go abroad for the best.

The State should provide free field tours for both students and teachers to begin with.


Students participate in parade; they sing National and East African Anthems on Assemblies, we do community work at School. And we intend to extend charity work to the community outside school. We want to plant trees and any other income generating activity.

 Long Live Patriotism, Long live St. Leo’s.Long live wazalendo!

 For God and my Country.

The Patron:  Mugenyi David (Ssalongo)