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Revive Projects


To date the following have been achieved:

  • By 25th September 2015, a total of 100 OBs had pledged a total of UGX 60 Million out of which UGX 25.3 Million has been paid and 34.7 Million still remains in debt but with promises to pay soon. Names of OBs who have pledged to date are uploaded on this website and will continuously be up dated.
  • Two 10,000 litre capacity water tanks were supplied and installed at the school for rainwater harvesting. (Offered by an OB working in Ministry of Water)
  • An 8ft x 4ft sign post was installed at Kacwamba road junction to the school. (Offered by an OB working who is an artist)
  • Power supply cables to the School and within the School were overhauled which resulted in the reduction of power losses by about 50%. (Offered by an OB working in Umeme)
  • Supported the school football team to participate in the 2015 Copa Coca Cola tournament in Hoima with 1.7m when the School had financial difficulties.
  • The School Administration was supported with 2.3m in second term 2015 to motivate teachers to supervise evening and morning preps and to administer regular tests and revision. The School was also supported with 1.5m in third term 2015 to facilitate examiners to train candidate students on question approach.
  • Renovated handball courts at a cost of 8.5m
  • Currently renovating basketball courts expected to cost 9m.
  • Produced promotional materials to raise funds i.e. 250 car stickers and 170 Tshirts at a total cost of UGX 4,650,000 from which we expect to get UGX 9,750,000.
  • Produced 200 prize books for awarding to the best three students per class per term (No.1 = 3Bks; No.2= 2Bks; No.3 =1Bk) at a total cost of UGX 1,300,000 and these will serve for two years.
  • Supported the School Administration with 1.3m for labour costs towards renovation of Lumumba, Kabalega and Mandela dormitories.